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Access close to 300 films per year in 7 cinemas in Switzerland

Pathé PassPathé Pass
Pathé Pass

300 films per year
in 7 cinemas


Adopt the winning duo: e-ticket and Pathé Pass.
Free and cancellable free of charge, up to 15 minutes before the start of your session, reserve your favorite seat in 3 clicks!


With your mobile app., you will always have your Pathé Pass near you!


In addition to unlimited access to films (see conditions), your Pathé Pass allows you to benefit from a preferential rate for special screenings and Culture in the cinema (opera, ballet, theatre).

Benefits all year round

Thanks to the Pathé Pass, you can make the most of exclusive offers all year round.
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Snack offers

Take advantage of exclusive, limited-time promotional offers on your snacks and drinks.

Special Screenings & Cinema Culture

Pathé Club
With your Pathé Pass, your loyalty is rewarded!

Collect points and turn them into gifts...

How to earn points ?
500 pts
from2000 pts
from3000 pts
How to earn points ?

I choose my subscription

Pathé Pass

Unlimited access to films (3D offered)


Preferential rate for cultural screenings at the cinema (opera, ballet, theatre)


Minimum 12-month subscription, renewable


Personal and non-transferable subscription, from 14 years old


Purchase at the cinema, immediate activation


Free 3D & 3D IMAX glasses with purchase


250 loyalty points per month

* See conditions


Subscribe in 10 minutes at the cinema


Prepare the following:

- The amount required for your payment or your bank card (CHF 480.- if annual payment or CHF 80.- if monthly payment for the first 2 months of subscription)
- Your IBAN or postal account number (if you pay by monthly debit)
- Your identification card
- your e-mail address


Go to the Pathé Pass area of ​​your cinema.

Give your information to the employee so that they can create your subscription in just a few minutes.


Immediately benefit from your Pathé Pass subscription.

You can find the pass on your Pathé Club card which you will receive at the cinema, which also allows you to collect loyalty points. Book online and find your Pathé Pass in your mobile app.

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General Subscription Conditions

Consult the General Conditions of Subscription to the Pathé Pass and Pathé Weekday Pass

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