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News 19 Aug 2021, 17:17

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Pathé is a dynamic and booming company in the film industry. The century-old pioneering spirit of the first cinemas continues to reside within us. We are constantly launching new concepts and thus building the cinema of tomorrow. Every day, we give the best of ourselves because we want to see our customers happy and offer them a perfect moment of entertainment Our state of mind: to fully engage in what we do with our eyes turned to the future. We see ourselves as a springboard for our employees to continuously improve themselves.


Pathé Westside - Kinofrontmitarbeiterin / Kinofrontmitarbeiter 40% - 70% - CLICK HERE
Pathé Dietlikon - Team Manager 80% - 100% - CLICK HERE
Pathé Spreitenbach - Team Manager 60%- 80% Temporary from July - December 2023 - CLICK HERE
Pathé Spreitenbach - Kinofrontmitarbeiterin / Kinofrontmitarbeiter 40% - 70% - CLICK HERE
Pathé Spreitenbach - VIP-Mitarbeiterin / VIP Mitarbeiter 40% - 70% - CLICK HERE
Pathé Suisse SA - PR & Communications Specialist – 50% - CLICK HERE
Pathé Suisse SA - Marketing Campaign Coordinator - CLICK HERE


Pathé Balexert - Team Manager 70 - 80% - CLICK HERE


Fancy a new challenge? We are regularly looking for people aged 21 or over with wide availability, either Saturday, Sunday, as well as during the week for a minimum of 8 hours per week. Send us your application file with the usual documents as well as your availability. Please note that only complete applications sent by e-mail, that fullfill all required criteria, will be considered. No application portfolio will be processed.

Pathé Küchlin 
Pathé Westside 
Pathé Dietlikon 
Pathé Mall of Switzerland 
Pathé Balexert 
Pathé Flon 
Pathé Les Galeries 
Pathé Spreitenbach

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