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Within Love / Në kuadër të dashurisë

Legal age 12/12 years 
Minimum legal age 12 years / Recommended 12 years and over / Accompanied by a legal representative and major 10 years



Within Love / Në kuadër të dashurisë

Release date CH German : 09 Nov 2023

Release date CH Romande : 08 Nov 2023

With Ndriçim Xhepa, Olta Daku, Luan Jaha, Olta Gixhari, Luiz Ejlli, By Koloreto Cukali,

Jonida (Olta Gixhari) is fed up with the lack of spark in her 10 year long relatioshinship with her husband for 4 years, Besi (Luiz Ejlli), who doesn’t care to take the relationship in their next level, creating a family. They decide to break up, but she’s afraid to tell her family - who have a slightly different view for marriage. Besides, that Jonida’s Mom (Zamira Kita) invites them both on birthday surprise for her husband (Ndriçim Xhepa) - so they have to go there as a couple. While there, they meet with the rest of the family - her sister Aria (Sara Hoxha), whom never wants to settle, Besi’s father and brother - completely white trash people and more unexpected characters. The couple who’s decided to break up also get to know that no matter how a couple can look from the outside, close by, everyone has the same issues; Jonida’s father has a girlfriend, Her mother’s real love is not her father, and even her sister falls utterly and madly in the feet of love. When Jonida’s father is suddenly dead, and she’s suddenly expecting a baby - when it comes to deciding - Anything is Possible.

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