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Noël Joyeux

Legal age 8/12 years 
Minimum legal age 8 years / Recommended 12 years and over / Accompanied by a legal representative and major 6 years



Noël Joyeux

Release date : 06 Dec 2023

With Emmanuelle Devos, Danièle Lebrun, Franck Dubosc, Danielle Fichaud, Frédéric Deleersnyder, By Clément Michel

Christmas with the Barands is sacred. Especially for Vincent, the father, who is happy to see his whole family reunited. When his children cancel their visit at the last moment, he does not conceive of the idea of spending the holidays alone with his wife. He therefore decides to go to a retirement home to invite a lonely boarder to come and celebrate Christmas at their house. Then Monique and her best friend Jeanne disembark and will very quickly get comfortable and create a joyous mess... For all four of them, this December 24th promises to be as explosive as it is unexpected.

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