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Legal age 16/16 years 
Minimum legal age 16 years / Recommended 16 years and over / Accompanied by a legal guardian 14 years




Release date : 23 May 2024

With Muzafer Zifla, Livia Lozi, Drilon Hoxha, Mehdi Malkaj, Lorenc Kaja, by Drilon Hoxha

Guxim is a young who falls madly in love with Laura, a beautiful young girl with a hidden ugly truth. The desire to achieve a certain lifestyle, has pushed Laura to get romantically involved with Luan, an older man who offers the young girl money and power. Even though the nature of their relationship is open, jealousy will drive Luan mad as soon as he realizes that he has a rival in the lengthiest war of them all..the war for love. Filled with hatred and resentment, Luan will set a price on Guxim’s head, and wont spare any method to achieve his purpose. Even though Guxim is unprepared for the deadly traps set by the old man, he will fight with all his might and in turn risk his life and the life of his loved ones. Determined to own Laura’s heart, Luan and Guxim will fuel up a battle where some will lose their lives, and others will lose the ones they hold dear.

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