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Bon Schuur Ticino

Legal age 6/10 years 
Minimum legal age 6 years / Recommended 10 years and over / Accompanied by a legal guardian 4 years



Bon Schuur Ticino

Release date CH German : 30 Nov 2023

Release date CH Romande : 17 Jan 2024

With Catherine Pagani, Beat Schlatter, Silvia Jost, Leonardo Nigro, Vincent Kucholl, by Peter Luisi

From now on, the “NO BILINGUE” initiative only requires one national language! The result: a crazy referendum that puts our country in a chaotic state of emergency. Especially when it actually says nationally: Switzerland is becoming monolingual – French! Many citizens are therefore experiencing a crisis. This also applies to Walter Egli (played by Beat Schlatter), who works for the federal police, doesn't speak a bit of French and has to ensure that the transition to monolingualism takes place properly. Together with his French partner, he is supposed to uncover a resistance group that is burgeoning in the south of Switzerland and is using all means to resist the implementation of the initiative.

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