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Aşk Mevsimi




Aşk Mevsimi

Release date : 08 Feb 2024

With Dilan Çiçek Deniz, Murat Karasu, Hakan Bilgin, Çiçek Dilligil, Lila Gürmen, By Murat Seker

Ali Yaman and Şirin, high school seniors who are summer house neighbors in Bozcaada, meet one day before the end of summer vacation at the pier where they always sit. Ali Yaman, who couldn't express his feelings for Şirin for a long time, gats enough courage up and says "I love you". Şirin thinks that having a serious relationship at her age would hinder her dreams. She reluctantly rejects Ali Yaman, saying, "Not now, but maybe one day." Years later, Ali Yaman remembers this sentence and leaves the girl he has known for 6 months in the bridal car and shows up at Şirin's door, but Şirin has an older lover. Ali Yaman is rejected by Şirin. Şirin, who was cheated on by her boyfriend months later, finds out that Ali Yaman is engaged to Bade, a close friend from work, and confronts him one last time to try her luck, but Ali Yaman is no longer an irresponsible man to leave anyone in the lurch. Taking years of regret with her, Şirin moves to Bozcaada, where it all started. 3 years later, when Ali Yaman comes to sell the summer house in Bozcaada, they bump into each other on the pier, sit, and hug goodbye.

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