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Legal age 12/12 years 
Minimum legal age 12 years / Recommended 12 years and over / Accompanied by a legal guardian 10 years




Release date : 08 Oct 2023

With Stefan Djuric, Nemanja Rafailović, Goran Sultanović, Uroš Zdjelar, Petar Ćirica, by Danilo Bećković, Andrijana Stojković

The true story of Stefan Đurić known as Rasta, a successful musician who one day loses everything and goes to prison where only his songs remain from his earlier life. This is a story about justice, alienation, recognition of life's priorities, about the life force that overcomes all obstacles and the desire for freedom that is above all, but first of all it stands out because Rasta through this situation experiences a confrontation with his own work, his songs and the way of which they enrich the lives of their listeners. The film "3211" depicts a transformative experience that is dynamic, traumatic and concludes with redemption and a sharpened picture of the world.

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