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VIP Lounge

Relax and enjoy! Your cinema session comfortably seated on a sofa, exclusively at Pathé Spreitenbach

26 double sofas and 9 individual sofas in velvet, soft to the touch and in trendy colors, are available in the VIP Lounge. Each seat is equipped with an induction smartphone charger. The first row even offers extra comfort for those who want to stretch their legs. A piece of furniture for storing your bag, a shelf equipped with elegant tasting glasses and a shelf for storing your snacks and drinks complete the equipment.


The immersive Dolby Atmos sound system multiplies the effects of sound spatialization, more precise and more spectacular thanks to the numerous speakers distributed throughout the room at the front, on the sides, and especially on the ceiling! With Dolby Atmos, you won't just hear the broken glass, you will hear every shard brush against your ear ...
* on films available with this technology 

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