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Starbucks Coffee

A good coffee, the perfect match to a good movie.

Are you early for your session? Do you want to enjoy a Frappuccino, or even a Chai Tea Latte before your movie? The screening has just ended and you want to share your impressions of the film with your friends over a drink? Our friendly baristas await you at Starbucks Coffee next to your Pathé Balexert cinema. You may take your drinks to the cinema.


At Starbucks, it all starts with the promise of a perfectly prepared drink. Whatever their origin (Guatemala, Peru, Kenya ...), the coffees are the result of responsible cultivation and ethical trade. They are prepared using methods that enhance their characteristics and unleash their potential. And if it's not coffee time for you, feel free to enjoy a tea, an infusion, a Viennese chocolate or a frozen and smooth drink ...
Do you fancy a comforting snack? Starbucks also offers inimitable sweet or savory delicacies: chocolate brownies, caramel cake, cheesecake, muffins, cookies, donuts, pancakes ... or hot or cold sandwiches and salads. Something for young and old alike! 

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