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Live the best cinema experience in absolute comfort, exclusively at the Pathé Spreitenbach!

IMAX is the contraction of "maximum image": offering an immersive projection that leads you to forget the limits of the screen. Expect to literally dive into the movie!

An IMAX movie is more than just a movie. The remastering or DMR process transforms every frame of the film to produce the best possible version of the director's vision. With IMAX Laser, the images are even more incredible: higher brightness and contrast levels, as well as maximum sharpness and resolution, but also finer color rendering.

To immerse yourself even more in the heart of the action of the film, speakers allow an ultra precise distribution of sound through 12 channels distributed from the screen to the back of the room. You can even feel  the beating of a butterfly's wings.


Combine this extraordinary cinema experience with the most absolute comfort. 16 cocoon seats with adjustable electric backrests and footrests, an induction charger for smartphones, an adjustable tablet, and a locker to store your personal belongings


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