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Become the Movie Star of our escape game at Pathé Spreitenbach!

In our new AdventureRooms escape game, you now have the opportunity to make your dream come true: become a movie star! The theme of the  MOVIE STAR game is: cinema and movie stars. Make your own movie in our game and with any luck you could win a prize. But the game will not be easy to tame!


You are locked in a room with your group and you have exactly 60 minutes to accomplish your escape! You must explore rooms, find hiding places, and uncover the meaning of mysterious objects, devices and signs using cunning and curiosity. Only then will you be successful in your mission. The game does not require any physical effort, is not dangerous, and does not contain any horror element - fun is the main objective.
It is therefore a challenge for everyone between 9 and 99 years old (children and adolescents from 9 years old are accepted when accompanied by adults). Do you accept the challenge?

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