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Spotlight Night

Film lover, this is your movie night!

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For those of you who can't wait: Experience the latest movies before the official release at our SPOTLIGHT NIGHT!

During these exclusive previews, you will be treated to an apéritif before the screening begins. The appropriate cinema snacks are of course also a must, hence why we offer you a medium popcorn and a soft drink of your choice.

Apéritif: 30 minutes before the film starts.

Pathé Friends (1): not valid
Pathé Pass (2): not valid

Single price: CHF 29.-

IMAX : +CHF 6.-
3D : +CHF 4.-
3D Glasses | on sale at the cinema : +CHF 4.-
3D Glasses clip-on for eyeglasses | on sale at the cinema : +CHF 6.-
(1) transferable subscription of 5 tickets at CHF 15.- / ticket, valid for 6 months
(2) personal subscription of at least 12 months giving access to all films, except special events (see conditions)

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