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Family Day

For everyone | The last Sunday of the month

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This offer is no longer valid in Pathé cinemas since April 2022. 

For everyone, every last Sunday of the month, it's FAMILY DAY with a special price of CHF 13 .- / ticket per screening for all films (surcharges not included)!
A family offers as many possibilities as there are people you love: your children, your parents, your siblings, your sweetheart or family, your best friends.
Laugh, cry, fear, dream, embark on an adventure to extraordinary places, travel to the future or to the past, the only place that enables you to experience all these emotions is the cinema.
And what better way to share these emotions than with those dear to you, at the FAMILY DAY!
Your Pathé cinemas also have different surprises in store for you during each edition of the FAMILY DAY: activities, contests, tastings or small gifts.

Sales opening: Tuesdays before the event

Pathé Friends (1): CHF 15.-
Pathé Pass (2): CHF 40 .- / month


Single price (3): CHF 13.-


(1) transferable subscription of 5 tickets at CHF 15.-/ticket, valid for 6 months
(2) personal subscription of at least 12 months giving access to all films, except special events (see conditions)
(3) all the supplements (3D, 4DX, IMAX, D-BOX, Premium seat) are to be paid in addition. Not valid for VIP, Deluxe and special events sessions.

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